Answered By: Richard Directo
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Below are the procedure on how to make your own reading list via WordCat Discovery:

1. Visit the WorldCat Discovery Discovery webpage:


2. Click "Sign In"


3. Click on INFONET ACCOUNT LOGIN and key-in your Infonet username and password.


4. In the search box, type titles or keywords and do a search for needed book or article.


5. Click "Save"  to saved your selected titles.


6. To view your selected titles, click the "Save Items".


7. Click "Create List".


8.  Enter a title and a 1-2 paragraph description or summary of your list.  To obtain a sharable link, you need  to set the privacy to "Shared" and then click the "Save" button.

Note: Title, description, and annotations may be in English or Filipino language.


9. To view the sharable link and your selected book titles, click the link of your created title list.

    You may click "My Personal List" to view your created reading list.


10. To  create an annotation for each title. just simply click "Add Note". 


11. Click the "Save Note" once you have done creating your annotations.


12. Copy and send your list’s shareable link to people you would like to see it.


13. You can click the Edit button to edit the list's title and description, and the Delete button to delete your list (Warning: the delete action is permanent and the list cannot be recovered. You will have to recreate the list again should you need it again.).

14: There are also additional buttons to do more with your list: 

  • Email: Provide an email address and subject and WorldCat Discovery will send the list to the email recipient
  • Cite: Get the citation format of selected items (includes APA, MLA formats, and more) 
  • Move: Have created many lists? You can merge or move a list's items to another list
  • Delete: Delete an item from a list (Warning: the delete action is permanent and the items cannot be recovered. You will have to add the items again to the list should you need to include them again)

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