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Guidelines in Lending Laptops at CLR-Readers’ Services Unit (CLR-RSU)

  1. All qualified stakeholders of the college are allowed to borrow a laptop from the CLR Readers’ Services Unit (CLR-RSU) on a first-come, first-served basis. Purpose of borrowing shall cover only the following: Online classes, and other presentation-related activities;
  2. Laptops must only be used inside the CSB premises.
  3. Borrowers must personally pick up and return their borrowed laptop at the designated CLR branch; delivering and leaving of laptop/s to other CLR branches is not allowed;
  4. Laptops can be checked out for a maximum of three (3) hours. 
  5. If the device is not returned on time, there will be a Php 10.00/hour charge for every 30 minutes extension;
  6. Failure to return the laptop before the CLR-RSU closes, will suspend the borrower’s privileges for a month;
  7. Users may not add, delete, or change any programs/applications without the permission of the Digital Technology Office (DTO);
  8. To prevent the unauthorized disclosure, use, and dissemination of any personal information contained in the files, users must store their files in web-based storage or on a flash drive;
  9. The CLR-RSU has the right to remove all files saved on laptops in order to prevent the unauthorized disclosure, use, and distribution of the user/s' personal information.
  10. Users are accountable for keeping their accounts secure and private. Accounts left signed in on laptops are not the responsibility of the CLR-RSU;
  11. Users are liable for the full cost of replacement and repair if the loaned laptop or its peripherals are misplaced, stolen, or otherwise damaged;
  12. The CLR-RSU reserves the right to amend these guidelines at any time without prior notice.


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